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1.  Q: How do I sign up?
      A: Sign up by clicking the sign up now icon in the upper left corner of the welcome screen.  You will then be asked to fill out a form that will contain information about your account.
2. Q: How much does it cost to be a member?
      A: It is  FREE to become a member of
7.  Q: How do I sign up my Team/Organization/Group?
      A:  First you must create an account. After your account is created you Click the Team /Organization/Group Tab at the top of the screen. After clicking the tab click create and proceed to build your Free Team/Organization/Group page. After your page is complete it will be reviewed by an administrator and active if approved.
3.  Q: What are the benefits of being a member?
      A: We offer a free platform for each member to share unlimited pictures, videos, academic achievements  and each member  will receive free highlights, promotion and exposure for themselves, their organization/groups and their events. 
9.  Q: How do I get on the spotlight, news section or news feed?
      A: Email us :
5.  Q: As a parent can I still put my kids name as the Profile name?
       A: Yes. A (Athlete under 12)  Parent can put their child's name as the Profile name but the parents Date of Birth will still be required to complete the profile. Even though you would register as an athlete and still be under 12  we recommend that you still fill out the required (Athlete under 12) information to make other users aware of the athletes age.
4.  Q: What if my child is under 12?
       A: The parent is required to sign the athlete up. The parent will register with their own Name as the Profile name and use their own date of birth. After putting the parents information in, there is a section for the Athlete under 12 information and the information about your child. 
6.  Q: Why must a parent sign a athlete up under 12?
       A: At Nextupsports we feel at the age of 11 and under it is appropriate for a parent to present and actively watch their child's profile being we do have coaches, scouts and volunteers throughout our network who could at some time try to communicate with the athlete. 
10.  Q: Who do I get in contact with Nextupsports with any questions or concerns?
       A: Email us at 
8.  Q: How is Team/Group/Organization profile different from Athletes/Coaches/Members profile?
       A: Team/Group/Organization pages are mini-communities on your network. Like members, each group has it's own profile. Group members can add photos to a group, create events, participate in discussions and send bulletins to other members. You can browse existing groups under the tabs here or create your own! Next to each group, you can see a list of actions you can perform, this list will change depending if you are a member, the group creator or a moderator. If a group is private, you will need to request membership to be able to join it.